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Coolness Delivered in the Hot Summer from Anhui Federation of Trade Unions


Until July 27, for 5 consecutive days, the daily highest temperature in Hefei is over 40 degrees. On the afternoon of 27th, Wang Guoyu, leader of discipline team in Anhui Federation of Trade Unions from Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Anhui, also a member of Party Committee of Trade Unions, Wu Haiming, President of Anhui Mechanical and Manufacturing Union and their party visited, expressed their sympathy to all the site workers who remain in their post while a hot weather and sent them heatstroke prevention gifts. Secretary of Party Committee Li Pengcheng, Chief Manager Zhang Jiawen, deputy secretary of the party committee, chairman of the labor union Sun Zhongli reported corporate tasks and went together to see the workers.

Corporate leader Li Pengcheng and Zhang Jiawen introduced the company's situations briefly. Anhui Federation of Trade Unions Leader Wang Guoyu gave full affirmation to the corporate’s carrying out “go global” state strategy, participating in key local projects construction, relying on the working class, and outstanding performance of corporate development. On the accompany of corporate leaders, Wang Guoyu and his party came to subsidiary steel structure workshop, reviewed work there, acquainted detailedly the corporate market development, product characteristics and labor employees conditions etc., expressed their high regards to our hardworking site staffs, and said that their job showed the respectable demeanor of working class. They gave out gifts to every of them, and told that under the hot weather, pay attention to heatstroke, strike a proper balance between work and rest, avoid heat stroke and safety accidents, ensure production safety, and stay safe throughout this period.

In addition, Anhui Machinery and Metallurgical Trade Unions specifically allocated 20,000 yuan for purchasing of heatstroke prevention and cooling accessories.

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